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Pollution, Pollutants and Public – They are inter-related. Concerns over the present pollution levels in environment are increasing. In this regard public is showing interest over a clean and pure environment at home. In this context many AIR –PURIFIER manufacturers have come into market with new and innovative products.
Improving air quality at home starts with personal hygiene. An interest over personal hygiene will definitely drive them to a cleaner environment. Along with it few important steps can help us in creating fresh and dust free environment. They are
  • Avoiding smoking: Smoking produces large and dangerous particulate matter that easily mixes with air and pollutes it. Secondarily it also aids in passive smoking, which is inexcusable.
  • Clean and tidy pets: Pets play important role in polluting home environment. The fur of animals and their dander should be cleaned regularly. Asthmatic people should be more cautious while dealing with pets.
  • Leaky door and window corners: Leakage in door and window corners should be checked regularly and should be correctly if found.
  • Regular cleaning of dust attracting equipments at home: Equipment like Fans, Curtains carry lot of dust with them and should be cleaned regularly.
  • Regular cleaning of Chimneys: Chimneys carry lot of dust around them mixed with oil. Hence they should be cleaned regularly.
  • Running exhaust fans in kitchens and bath rooms helps in maintaining a healthy environment.


They are specially designed appliances to improve quality of air in homes or offices. They aid in cleaning dust, smoke and particulate matter like pollen grains, sand particles etc from air. They help in breathing pure and healthy air. Based on type of filters, there are many air purifiers available in market. Hence, first we will try to understand about air purifiers.


There are many types of filters available in air purifiers. Hence let us try to understand them.

Air cleaners with HIGH EFFIECIENCY PARTICULATE AIR FILTERS (HEPA FILTERS) aid in air filtering. They are made of micro fibers of 0.5 microns in diameter, which are arranged in sheets over one another. A jet of air is pushed into these microfibers through fans and the air is filtered at microscopic level. But the main disadvantage of HEPA filters is, they cannot remove odors from the air. They purify only particulate matter in environment. They are best in removing Dust, Spores, Pollen particles and Pet dander

A second type of filter uses ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER (Carbon filters) in air purifiers. These carbon filters are best suited to remove Volatile organic compounds from environment. They aid in removing odors and chemical aromas from air. They contain activated charcoal with large surface area for removing Chemical compounds from air. They are best De-odorizers (removes smells efficiently) available in the market. 
Third type of air filters use Ultra violet (UV) light to purify air. But they mostly aid in removing organic particles like bacteria, fungi and virus. They should be used along with HEPA filters to filter dust particles.
The fourth type of filters uses Electrostatic precipitators to purify air. But during purification, they use Ozone gas which is a dangerous irritant in home environment. HENCE THE UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA) contradicts usage of Electrostatic air purifiers with ozone at home.

Most of these filters in air purifiers should be replaced once in 6 months to a year. For carbon filters, it’s mandatory to change them every 3 months. But some machines are available with permanent filters. Hence Buyers should find out whether their filters are permanent or temporary before buying the product.


Before selecting air purifier, we should check these following points:
Always check for capacity of purifiers. High capacity purifiers are more efficient in large rooms.
Know the type of filter it has and also the number of filters it contains. Some machines contain a washable pre-filter which aids in cleaning larger particles before filter. They help in extending the life span of filters.
Timers help in programming the device to auto run at specific time. The turn on and turn off options aid in better handling of the machine.
Machines with indicators to replace or to clean the filters stand out in proving high performance, as they are cleaned regularly. This prevents un-necessary checking of filters every time and also improves the performance of the machine.
Machines with dirt analyzer helps in understanding the dirt level in environment and automatically adjusts the purification speed.
High CADR means high purification rate.
It indicates the number of times the air purifier cleans the room in an hour. Eg: If ACH is set to 6, it means the machine purifies the room every 10 minutes (60 minutes / 6 = 10 minutes). Check for the minimum and the maximum ACH available with the machine.

Based on these criteria we have sorted top 5 purifiers that are available in market.

Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

Air Purifier Type - High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type. Coverage area: 441 sq. ft. / 41 sq. mtrs. Suitable for bedroom / living room (large). Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 333 m3/hr.  Wattage: 60 watts. It comes with 3 automatic purification settings: a General mode, an extra-sensitive Allergen mode, and an extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode. AeraSense is a sensor that accurately identifies fine particles that are even smaller than PM 2.5 (including most common indoor airborne allergens). It then processes this information to ensure that the purifier’s settings are at the ideal level for current air conditions, and for continuous re-assurance.
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Honeywell Room Air Purifier (HAC25M1201W)

Combined filter with High-efficiency HEPA and activated carbon filter. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) - 250 m3/h. Offers up to 323 sq. ft. coverage area for a room with 9 feet height - suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms. Completely 'Ozone Free' Air Purifier. 3000 hours of filter life, basis the ambient pollution can work for a year Washable pre-filter that removes larger dust particles, pet hair/dander, soil etc

Philips Air Purifier (1000 Series AC1215/20)

Has an option of using either a HEPA filter or Carbon filter. Coverage area: 677 sq. ft. / 63 sq. mtrs. Suitable for bedrooms. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 270 m3/hr. Wattage: 11 to 50 watts (lowest to highest fan speed, depending on usage). VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) Technology with Auto Mode, Allergen mode & NightSense (automatic light sensing) mode. Certified by AHAM, ECARF and Airmid. 4-color air quality indicator for real-time feedback & child lock feature, Touch Panel UI with 2-color panel display. Vitashield IPS with its aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Pro Filter has a boosted clean air delivery rate up to 270 m3/hr.
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Mi Air Purifier 2S

Air Purifier Type - Room; Purification method – PET primary filter, Ultra dense EPA, Activated Carbon. The rated power is 29 watts and the rated frequency is 50 / 60Hz. Coverage area: 400 sq. ft. / 37 sq. mtrs.. Suitable for bedroom / living room (medium). Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 310 m3/hr. 3- layer filtration, removes harmful PM2.5. WORKS WITH ALEXA. Three different modes- Auto, Sleep and Favourite. Washable filter.

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier

Air Purifier Type - Room; Purification method - High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type Coverage area: 540 sq. ft. / 50 sq. mtrs., suitable for bedroom / living room (large) Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 590 m3/hr. Patent HEPASilent technology, easy to change filters; Captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size 360 degree air intake, draws air from all side ACH: 5 TIMES

These are few top rated air cleaners (ACCORDING TO ME ) available on net. The product selection is purely based on my personal research and hence reader’s discretion is expected.

American Micronic-AMI-AP1-22Dx-22 Watts HEPA Air Purifier

High-Efficiency Particulate Arrest (HEPA) filter. Pre-filter that removes larger dust particles. Activated carbon filter that removes formaldehyde, oil vapors, odor and other hydrocarbons. Ionizer removes suspended particles by producing negatively charged ions. User can switch Ionizer ON/Off when not required. Coverage area: Upto 150-200 sq. ft. suitable for bedrooms, children room and office cabin. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 220 m3/hr. NO OZONE EMISSION.

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