Affiliate marketing is the prime source of income for many well established bloggers and website publishers. It has been long time since exclusive blogs for reviews on various products have transpired and we can see many proven results on their income generating capabilities. But now a days markets have become more complex and the competition in the affiliate marketing sector has become tremendous.

Another main detriment of affiliate marketing is that you have to register for each company and should have an approved account from them. For example, in countries like India e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon are well-known for affiliate marketing. Hence most bloggers tend to use affiliate links from these websites. But now the scenario has changed. Many new companies have come into play making the so called affiliate marketing product range so broad that it has become very challenging for the website publishers to decide which product to publish. Adding to it the daily changing deals, on these products had created more havoc in publisher’s mind.

Let me explain with a good example. When I started affiliate marketing in my website in India, only amazon and Flipkart were well known for it. Hence I registered in Amazon and Flipkart affiliate service and got my account approved in no time. But now the scenario has completely changed. Now we have many big and good companies providing affiliate marketing services. But I cannot register in all these services and promote them in my website, as If I do so, my site will be filled only with these links, but not with content. I think this is a serious problem which every publisher.

Because of this complex market situation, many secondary players have come into action, making the publisher’s work much easier. Yes, they are none other than third party affiliate marketing service providers. One such service provider with best affiliate marketing services is “Cue links”.

What does Cue links do?
  1. CUE LINKS provides the best content monetization tools for affiliate marketing.
  2. They provide auto update affiliate links. That is, affiliate links will automatically update themselves based upon the present trend in market. Manual placement of affiliate links is not required.
  3. Along with affiliate links they provide scripts for discount coupons on various e commerce sites and more.
  4. Thousands of merchant coupon codes and numerous affiliate networks are brought under one roof, where the publisher has complete control on which links to be displayed in their blog or website.
  5. HASSEL FREE PAYMENT service, where the payment to the publisher is directly transferred to their registered bank accounts.
  6. Make every word count in your website or blog, with CUEWORDS. Yes! Its true all the relevant hyperlinks in your website will be converted into affiliate links.
  7. CUE WIDGETS give full control on deciding the size of affiliate links so that they can customized their sizes according to their websites or blogs.
  8. Show affiliate links even in your mobile apps with CUE APPS.
  9. CUE LINKS CHROME EXTENSION is an awesome tool, where we can directly see the merchant payout per sale on each product. As a result we can easily select products with high payout percentages and can generate affiliate links for those products exclusively.
  10. Cuelinks can be easily installed in any website or blog. It is even compatible with wordpress, as it is available as an exclusive WORDPRESS PLUGIN.

So! What are you waiting for